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Crying has turned to dying

by Brigitte

I hope you die,
I hope you bloody freaking poke out your eye.
None of that would compare to the hurt I am feeling now,
I am eating away my misery like a bloody cow.

But screw you, gosh danget you do not care,
Anyways we would have made a rotten pair
But would it not have been nice to have given me a chance?
Instead of turning my life into a bloody dance?

I pray for the day when your face does not come to mind,
I am sick of being so kind.
The happier you are,
The more I wish I could turn you to tar.

Resentment and hate have taken my heart,
I feel like hitting you with a dart
Dear god take this pain away,
Drop me in the blooming flowers of May.

I do not want to feel any more pain,
So hit me over the head with your cain.
I used to just want to cry,
But now I want to die.