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What you will never know

by Narcissism

Never will i tell you this
I just don't have the courage
But there are so many things
I just want you to know

You make me feel beautiful
Like the most special girl in the world
You can make me laugh
With the most simplest things

Just to hear your name
Sends chills through my body
And when you do speak
It gives me butterflies

Your sweet kiss
Your gentle touch
With a skip of a beat
Always has me wanting for more

I hate not being with you
But when we are together
You make it so special
Like it was worth the wait

I want to spend my days with you
And have non of this end
I don't want to grow apart
I just want you forever in my heart

Lets not grow old
Stay forever this way
Young and deeply in love

You are my world
My reason to live
You are the reason i look forward
To every new day

I hope with this
I make it clear
And that you know
Exactly how much

xXxI wish I could Have you BackxXx
XxXThis Hurts so muchxXx