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Late Apology

by AhmadAfaneh

There are lots of secrets in this life
That we can never understand
Many things that we are meant to do
Are not in our hands
Life is so mysterious
And i am drown in its sands

I've been down the wrong way last night
Which made me feel the shame
I lost my insight
And I didn't know whats right

My life began to run in front of me
All i did was watching
I opened my eyes but i couldn't see
I just kept falling
And no one was there to catch me

Scars on my skin
Circles in my head
All of that happened in a sudden
God...what a sin I did

I've hurt my babe
I let a tear to fall from her eye
I've cheated on her clearly
Sending all the feelings between us to die

Oh babe... you're right it's not gonna be OK
Cause it's a heart breaking from first degree
We cant work it out someway
So you have to leave a scamp like me

Leave me her alone to die in pain
Since you're gone everyday ends up the same
And I cant find but me to blame
So I'll just be drifted with the hail

Unless you forgive me
Because without you I can't see
Without you I can't be
The cost is paid
The lesson is learned

Till then all I'll do is to fall
Soon I'll never be found
And I am gonna die after all
Moving to the underground

But either i am alive or dead
"I still love you" should always be said