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A Story Begins

by AhmadAfaneh

Somewhere in the north she sat alone
With all that darkness in here place
Waiting for the bell of the phone
And dreaming of his face

She spent the whole night
Leanning on that wall
Putting the phone in here sight
Waiting for his call

She knew he was all she wanted
And he is the best thing she will get
From the first look she was fainted
And that first kiss is what she wont forget

But somewhere on the highway
He drove his car in the dark
He's been driving all day
And only in front of her door he'd park

His eyes glittered with hope
His heart beat faster
And Breathing was getting harder
When he knew that he is coming closer

They've spent a sweet holiday together
All they wanted was having fun
But he was falling in her
At last that period has gone
And that relation didn't go farther

Words couldn't find their way
When she was saying the bye
And "I'll call" was the only thing he could say
While her car was fading away

So now all he wanted is just to say
The words he kept for long
He wasn't sure she feels the same way
But of hope he got a small ray

From her side she felt the same
She loved him from the first look
But when she wanted to tell him
She just felt so lame
And those words have never came

That night he didn't call
But she felt him in her soul
Then and before the first tear falls
He stood in front of her door

He finally said the words she wanted
They were as sweet as she expected
They let a new love story begins
So lets pray that it will never ends