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Even the Dead

by Atomic

"I will wait for you forever",
Her promise rang loud and clear.
And true to her words she kept,
Until the day her death drew near.

He never came back for her,
His words were an empty promise.
But still she waited for his arrival,
Cherishing memories of his kiss.

She never knew he got married,
Had a few children of his own.
When they were moving on together,
She was waiting for him alone.

Now her ghastly figure stood,
Draped in the purest of white lace.
In the midst of all the gravestones,
Still in searching of his face.

He heard of her death years later,
But the news didn't bother him one bit.
He just brought his children along,
For an over due visit.

When she saw him with his family,
Her heart stopped at a final end.
Who would have ever guessed,
Even the dead can die again.

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