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The Illusions of Love

by Atomic

She saw her future in his eyes,
It was as empty as his soul.
So why did she chose to stay,
When she could have up and go?

The illusion of love blinded her,
It tore her from limp to limp.
But still she dived head first into the water,
Knowing she never learned how to swim.

Like any other woman in love,
She knows it hurts from the start.
So why didn't she walk the other way,
To save herself a broken heart?

The illusion of love lied to her,
It told her that it'll always be there.
But it never told her the time,
So she was left alone and scared.

She knows he doesn't love her,
And that he's in love with another.
So why didn't she break his,
To keep her heart together?

The illusion of love killed her,
Its sharp blade wrapped around her pride.
It killed her ever so softy,
Suffocating her with each lie.

She knows that love is an illusion,
It can drown those that can swim.
She knows it can break the strongest heart,
So why couldn't she stop loving him?

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