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Teen Dreams

by David

I see us walking in my dreams,
Holding hands like reckless teens,
Kissing, hugging, squeezing tight,
Watching stars, all through the night;
Gazing, glancing, are eyes just dancing,
Kissing, embracing, whatever we fancy;

I see us flying in my dreams,
soaring through clouds with endless steam,
Blinding lights and beautiful sights
Birds are singing, swiftly in flight,
Squeezing the moment, letting it treasure,
Remembering every detail- forgetting it never;

I see us sleeping in my dreams,
Together, forever, loving it seems
I'd sleep forever, for the dream to be real,
Id give up my heart if yours was to heal,
Too love you is easy,but dreaming is hard
Cause ill wake in the morning, the end of the start;