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Falling for you

by Laura Ash

When you look at me
You perfect my day
When I hear you speak
You take my breath away

Whenever your near
I feel like there's no one else around
Whenever you come to mind
I wonder if my true love has been found

When I endlessly think of you
I go into my own zone
Your the first person I think of
When I hear the ringing of my phone

When I see you smile
I can't help but smile too
When I see a happy couple
I can't help but wish that was me and you

When I hear the word love
Your face comes to my mind
When our eyes meet
I know your one of a kind

When you look at me
I can feel my heart unbend
When I look into your eyes
I know I've fallen in love again

Dedicated to N.B.
December 18, 2005