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He'll Never Know

by Samantha

She wants to be with him
More than anything in the world
Nothing would make her happier
Then him calling her his girl

Every day she sees him
Walking down the hall
He always walks right past her
Like he didn't see her at all

But still she doesn't give up hope
She stands so tall and strong
One day she knew she would win
And that in his heart she'd belong

Until then she watches him walking
Holding that other girls hand
One day she'll tell him she loves him
She hopes he'll understand

She will wait for that day forever of course
Somethings just aren't meant to pull through
But everyday secretly in her mind she tells him
"I want to be with you"

He will never hear those words from her
Because she is not ready to speak
But if she did he would probably laugh
And make her heart grow weak.