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How can i bleive?

by ♥Diana Cardero c♥

Everyday the same thing occurs
I let the tears run down my cheek
As the quickly pour into my sheets
Leaving a mark of my pain

It hadn't hurt until I gave in
Gave in my body and soul to him
You might think of it as being a sin
But I think of it as an act of love

What hurts is that he's the only one
That had ever kissed me
In a way that my lips enjoy it as fun
Kissing back and forth as our lips unite

What hurts is that the only one
That has ever touched me
The way he's done
In such a gentle manner

What hurts is that he's the only guy
That has ever held me so tight
For that it'd feel that I'd die
If he were ever to loosen his grip and let go

What hurts is that he's the only guy
That has met my family
And has had to, of so many things, lie
So we could love each other in peace

What truly hurts is that I haven't
Been the first one to kiss him
The first to be held in his arms
Better yet
The first for anything meaningful?

I'm just another girl
That he thinks he loves
He lies to himself saying I'm his world
And that I'm the one for him

So how can I believe
When he's said this to so many before?
How can I believe
When I'm not the first in his life for anything?

Diana Cardero Âc