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Addressed To You, The Rich Man

by Matters

Dear to you, the rich man,
You know the truth I speak,
And when I die tonight,
You’ll see my tear bathed cheek.

I much loved you, the rich man,
And you knew it all along,
Affairs would come, friendship go,
As I’d hum to you a song.

My love was you, the rich man,
The song was sung of bliss,
We took our old time ritual,
And ended with a kiss.

I was caught by you, the rich man,
On your net of high emotions,
Yet little did I know,
I was the temporary ocean.

The times with you, the rich man,
Were ones I’d never trade,
But after all the memories,
Our love began to fade.

You said, “I am, the rich man,”
And I knew I had to go,
Eventually, you killed me,
The fault of death, you know.

I belonged to him, the rich man,
Just the poor girl on the right,
Disposable, again,
You extinguished love so bright.

So here’s to you, the rich man,
Of my secret suicide,
When you think of me, please know,
You’re the reason that I died.