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I'm Not Too Good at Sharing So You Better Start Caring!!

by Brigitte

I miss what we had,
Was it really that bad?
Did you not feel in every kiss,
All that wonderful breath taking bliss?
When I looked in your eyes,
I never predicted good-byes.
You used to hold me tight,
And now I am just trembling with fright.
When I was sick
You stayed by my side as the clock ticked.
You said you would never stop loving me,
We went together like coffee N tea.
Well I guess plans changed,
Or was my mind just deranged?
To me you meant everything,
On your memories I will cling.
In your eyes I saw nothing but hope,
And now, with nothing, Im left to cope.
I loved you and I Always Will,
Even if that means I will have to kill.
Im not too good at sharing,
So you better start caring.