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The Letter He Left For Me (Revised)

by Ann Stareyes

None of us are promised tomorrow
This I know for sure
I lost the love of my life
So much pain he endured.

It happened one rainy night
That's when the trooper knocked at the door
My husband had been in a car accident
When told I just fell to the floor.

My heart was devastated
This was the man of my dreams
Now the thought of being without him
My heart was ripping at the seam.

As the year slowly went by
Coping with the pain within
I had to find the courage
To go through all his things.

To my surprise
In the nightstand on his side of the bed
There I found a letter he wrote
And this is what it said:

To the love of my life

I know my days are numbered
So I had to let you know
I Love you more than life
I hope it always showed.

You always loved me
Through the good times and the bad
How we cherished each other
And the love that we had.

Now live life to the fullest
And don't you grieve for me
You'll remain in my heart
Where ever My soul may be.

As I read his final words
My eyes filled with tears
How I had loved this man
For so many wonderful years.

Today I visit him at the graveside
Each time with tears in my eyes
It's not easy being without him
So many times my heart crys.

Today I knelt down
I had to say what was in my heart
I asked God for the strength
To let these words start.

My darling How I love you still today
You remain in my heart
No words could ever explain
The pain I feel in my heart.

We'll be together again someday
Just stand at those Pearly gates
God's Angel will guide me
It won't be that long to wait.