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Halo of black roses

by midnight♄lullibys

Blackened petals descend
From somewhere up above
You see this is the end
Of all her desired love

As roses form upon her pillows
She rests in a quiet slumber
He ran a path straight to the gallows
And now her love stays lost forever

Hands slipped into white silk gloves
Beside her they lay, motionless
Peaceful as the ascend of a doves
Eyes closed, showing signs of calmness

She is unafraid of her fates
For she knows what is to come
And for this time she awaits
As others wonder oh so cumbersome

She takes her last breathe
As the poison kicks in abruptly
A quiet, peacefull death
Her broken soul rises coolly

Black roses, her flower of choice
To place around her angelic head
Content, for once she had a choice
To take her life in her own bed