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Three Words

by Ian Vincent

If ever I were to find three words
To show how much I care,
There would only be these three words to say
Three words with you I'd share

Three words is all I have to say,
Three words is all it takes.
Three words to take your heart away
Three words to make or break.

To say three words seems a simple task
Easily done by many.
But to really capture the true meaning of it,
Cannot be done by many if any.

I share these words with all I have
With everything I've got.
For if you say them back to me
Forgotten they shall be not

Whenever I think of these three words
Its you that comes to mind.
Three words ain't much but means a lot
From Heart and soul combined.

Words are cheap but these three words
I know that they don't lie.
I've never been one thats good with words
But for you I swear I'll try.

I could search the earth to find three words
Three words that we could share.
But no three words could mean the same
Come close or even compare


From hand to hand and heart to heart
I mean these words I do
No other words I would say to you
Than the words of I LOVE YOU