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What a Girl Wants*

by soleil

All a girl asks for is
to be loved by a guy,
one who doesnt cheat
and one who doesnt lie
she wants someone
someone that holds her close in the night
someone that stands by
even through the biggest fight
all a girl needs is a
"your beautiful" not "youre hot"
even though it doesnt seem like it
we actually care alot
a flower is better than a dozen rose boquet,
you dont need to spend money every day
all a girl wants is
true love and happiness
someone who looks in her eyes
not down at her chest
she needs a hand
to hold when shes scared
someone who shows her
how much he cares
not someone who forces
or makes her do things she doesnt like
love doesnt mean always having sex
it could mean together flying a kite
all she wants
is to be treated with respect
and knowing her first love
she'll never regret