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Love Is A Drug

by Tamon G

Streaming through your body with its
chemical substance.
Making you fumble with words in every

Hard to find if you're looking for
the real thing.
Sometimes you think its the good
but then find out its fake
like most things.

It's a poor person's drug,
since it's free.
But this drug is so strong,
it can bring a man down to
one knee.

Its unknown mixture of body and soul,
it makes your feelings lose control.
Finding yourself losing your mind,
when this drug you cannot find.

I find myself taking this drug
like eight times a day.
I think I'm addicted,
I'm getting carried away.

I use to adore this drug Kelly,
but this drug wants nothing to
do with me.
So, now I'm taking Jessica,
this drug makes me float like
a boat on the open sea.

Love is a drug,
the most dangerous of them all.
Most people don't know the full
strength of it,
until they feel its withdrawal.