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To Tell You How I Feel

by Razorblade Lies

I'll write about me thoughts,
And tell yo how I feel.
Once, nothing in m life made since,
I didn't think love was real.

You've said that you've been hurt,
In the past, and so have I.
We've talked about all the times,
We both wished we would die.

Now that we are together,
In love we hope is true.
We've come to realize one thing,
All we've got is me and you.

Everyday we get stronger,
the pain slowly fades away.
Every time I talk to God,
I say "thank-you" as I pray.

As I sit and think about,
Everything you've given me,
I feel a smile on my lips,
I hope someday you'll see.

You're the best thing to ever come,
Into my once so lonely life.
I hope someday you'll be me husband,
And make me your happy wife.

This poem is for you my love,
Everything I say is true.
To tell you how I feel,
My angel I LOVE YOU!!!!!