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I Am here For You Sister

by hehasmyheart

We have both been through so much...
Both good and bad-
We have both been heartbroken
Which made of feel sad...
I am your sister- I am here for you...

In good times or in bad-
You are my strength- All I've ever had...
You are my only Sibling-
Of course you sometimes make me mad

I am here to love you- Here to stay
I will always love you- Each and every day

If you need a hug or warm heart-
Take mine- You can have it
For our love can't be broken apart

Let this be a lesson my sister,
Dont let guys hurt your heart...
I am you sister- the one who will never part

My sister- dry your eyes- and your tears
I am your sister- I will comfort your fears

I am the shoulder you can always lean on
My love for you will never be gone.

So take this time- and you will see...
How much I love you- and you mean to me...

As the sun keeps setting and brings a new day
Together forever sister's for always