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Second Season

by Bill Turner

This is the season of my youth
The second I am to know...
I will not waste this one as I did in the past
I will make my second youth last...
Drink my wine, sing my songs, and get others to come along
Life is too short...
I am giving notice: Take no prisoners on the ship of fun
Through fields of flowers I will run...
Lying in the meadow of my life watching clouds float by...
Someday I hope to run into you
I will know it is the YOU that will capture my heart
Without that hope, that thought, why would I try?
Sit right down and cry...
Instead I will live my life
Preparing for you...
So that all my woes are gone and pain is washed away
Come that day
You shall have all of my heart...
Until then, I will laugh and play
Living and loving each and every day
The second season of my youth
Will not be wasted as was the first
I will await you in the fields of freedom
Where we will laugh and sing