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It's Over

by obsessedgurl

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Ive cried one million
Tears for you

Wondering if youll return
To this place in my heart
Where did our love go
Love that was there from the start

Our love was perfect
In the beginning
No one could touch us
My head was spinning

But now you left me
Here all alone
No letters or smiles
Or calls on the phone

Since we broke up
I havent been the same
Since that horrible day
I dont want to hear your name

Even though you hurt me
Im still in love with you
It may sound crazy
But I dont want anybody new

Boy you were my everything
Everyday Id think of you
Each day youd be reminded
How much I love you

Everyday Id get so happy
Just to see your face
But know it seems my heart
Has somehow been misplaced

When you told me it was over
I though I would die
I broke down in the hallway
And I started to cry

I can never love anyone
The way I love you
My friends tell me about other guys
But I wouldnt put them above you

I though you were perfect
I thought you were the one
I thought wed last forever
But you said it was done

I dont think I can stand this pain
You made me a lot less stronger
Im dying of a broken heart
And I cant hold on much longer