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I love you

by Bethan

I often just sit and watch you for awhile
You’re usually doing something random,
Then you catch my eye and I smile,
I’m sitting there thinking how happy I am,
How amazing you are and I don’t understand,
What I did to deserve to be loved by you,
To have someone that loves me the way that you do.
People say no-one’s perfect, that simply isn’t true,
The people who said that hadn’t met you,
You’re absolutely perfect in every single way
A fact I’ll remind you of each n' every day,

I love just being around you, not having to talk,
A comfortable silence where no-one’s at fault,
I love your honesty and that you really do care,
And I’ve shared with you things I’d never have dared
Share with anyone else cos they wouldn’t comprehend,
Other people judge quickly even your friends,
But you listened not judged, you made it okay,
Where others would have left you chose to stay,
I just hope I prove worthy of your love and your time
And that I’ll always be yours and you’ll always be mine.