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My Wish

by Ali

Every day I go about,
Doing the things I do,
Then all of a sudden I remember,
Somewhere out there is you

Without you I feel so hollow,
Its a feeling hard to share
Because of your love I miss
This pain is hard to bear,

Is there no way we'll meet again,
even if by chance?
Will I be left to wonder,
Only if I could just have a glance?

You're always on my mind now,
And yes, always in my heart,
But, it just seemed to be that way,
Right from the very start,

I'm sorry I can't reveal to you
Just what you mean to me
I'd never want to hurt you
If my love you can't see

This emotion comes from deep within,
Yes, my soul to bare,
If only I could see you again,
Here or, ANYWHERE,

Miss you, Love you forever & ever