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Lend Your Hand

by End Of Eternity

Crippled inside my shell
with dreams of heaven
and reality as hell
waiting for a hand
if you could lend

your face is in every drop of my blood
your name is on every tear of mine
your promises still breathes in my heart
fading hopes sometimes do shine

moments of glory, we shared once
pounds in my head every night
used to walk together for miles
now even scared of daylight
hate my own sight

what difference does it make
if this earth revolves or shake?
this dejected soul that i have
has nothing more to take

this is not how i was supposed to be
bearing wrath of someone i cant see
this unforgiven torture has to end
if you could lend
your hand

if you stay with me for awhile
if you come back once again
even if for few moments
together we earse these memories of pain

this last slug that i have under my bed
tears for years, have made my bones so weak
desperately tried but can't even bend
help, need a hand, if you could lend

just one more time