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Fate. ... that was never meant to be...

by J Lau

If time cheated you from fate
and robbed you of the chance,
It may be destined
that it was never meant to be.

If circumstances created obstacles
that made you part your own ways,
It may be a lesson
that both will treasure for years to come.

The fact remains that feelings
that were once true and real
maybe something which will never fade...
If you truly cared about someone...

If you truly care about someone,
You will do anything to keep that person happy.
You will want to be there when you're needed
and worried when you're not.
You may mend situations without anyone knowing;
You may take care of things without ever placing claim.

You may hide your own personal feelings
and bury them deep inside you;
You may do or say things
that may contradict with your true feelings.
For you know deep down
that it's best for the situation and everyone.

You may need to keep focus
and overcrowd your emotions with logic.
You may force yourself to listen with a deaf man's ear
and see with a blind man's eyes.
You may find yourself riding an emotional roller coaster;
or you may find yourself so helpless and despair.
You may find yourself trapped in an emotional web,
not knowing what to do.
You may find yourself so down many of times,
asking yourself what you are doing.

But if you truly love someone,
and when the chapter finally comes to an end;
You may find it surprising,
that you are truly happy
for that someone you once had feelings for;
And that you have already forgotten
about your own pain and sorrows.
All will be worth it in the end...
if you truly loveD someone.

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