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I miss you daddy (reposted)

by Erinn

Daddy why'd you have to leave me,
all alone here,
so broken and hurt inside,
with so many fears

I was only seven,
and sissy was only two,
we'll both have to grow up,
missing and wishing to be with you

It was seven in the morning,
when mommy woke me up,
and told me daddy was killed,
by a crazy man with a gun

Two years later,
I found out the man had been drinking,
he took my daddy away,
without even thinking

Cause if he had been thinking,
he wouldn't have took my sweet daddy away,
but i still have hope,
that I'm gonna see him again in heaven one day

Its been 8 years,
I still think about him all the time,
but i still don't see,
why someone could commit such a crime.