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Our First...

by Rican Chemistry

I write these lines today
To express what I feel for you
To somehow record our memories
About what we used to do

I remember our first kiss
I was holding my two baby rabbits
And when you hugged me
We just couldnt help but start at it

Your hair was loose
I remember cause it was on my face
And with that first kiss
I felt like I had found my place

Your lips were so soft
I remember my stomach flip
Like and electric shock
Flowed through your lips

I felt my heart skip a beat
And I instantly knew I loved you
From that day on my heart
Became your property too

I was so nervous baby
I remember shaking like crazy
And when you let go to look at me
Your eyes was all I could see

Wow I remember so much
About when you and I first dated
Hanging out in that tunnel
Acting like I hated it

When you smacked my a55
And pushed me against the wall
I really did like it baby
I was just scared to fall

It was dark in there
And I was so nervous cause of you
You had me smiling all that day
I didnt know what else to do

Remember in your room
Sleeping in your bed
Spent from all the love making
On your chest, resting my head

So many memories we share
I just hope we can make more
I dont want the past to return
I want it better than before

I hope that you and I
Can get married someday
I just want you to know baby
That I love you more everyday

Please remember my love for you
And keep me in your heart
Know that no matter what you do
Nothing will tare us apart

I love you baby boy
With all my heart and soul
Your the reason they made love
Your the one that makes me whole