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The Essence of Divinity

by DMG

Beyond the magic of the stars
And the planets far above
Beyond the mystic Milky Way
Is a girl whom I think of

More beautiful than Spring's first glimpse
And more serene than Winter's white
More calming than the leaves of Fall
And warmer than a Summer's night

A rainbow in a misty sky
Is no comparison to she
Nor is the break of crystal waves
Within the blue sapphire sea

The ruby smile across her face
Ensures our true affinity
She is the truth within my heart
The Essence of Divinity

To remain nameless is this girl
Of whom I speak admirably
The Giver to the Loss of Hope
The Essence of Divinity

Dream tonight, all through the night
For she has brought serenity
This beautiful love of my life
The Essence of Divinity