Read Love Poems


by kels

What is your problem?
What is the deal?
Don't even play that game with me,
You know exactly how I feel.

All this s**t you been doing,
It's getting kind of old,
You might always be warm,
But your heart is icy cold.

I'm going through a lot of s**t right now,
I don't need yours too,
Do us all a favor sweetheart,
And stop actin' like a fool.

Go on, playa,
Your time is up,
Don't even think about comin' back,
Just tell all your friends who got dumped.

You hurt me a lot,
Why can't you see?
Don't hurt me anymore,
Just let me be.

I can't stand it,
I can't stand you,
Just let me fix myself,
You did enough, thank you.

You said the right things,
You sounded so nice,
You took my heart and broke it,
Yet you only did it twice.

I'm sick of you,
So start to pack,
It's over,
And I'm not going back.

No matter what you say,
No matter what you do,
You will never have me again,
The words I say are true.

You had me whipped,
You had me tight,
You had my heart,
No it's my turn to say good night.

Don't tough me,
Don't look at me,
Don't kiss me,
Don't even start with me.

Not a voice,
Not a sound,
A whisper is to much,
And don't follow me around.

You shouldn't do this to yourself,
You shouldn't do this to others,
But your not gonna change for me,
As you do I bother.

So now I say,
Good bye forever,
No more s**t,
No more of you, ever.