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I still want you

by Shan

Listen really closely
To my heart's confession
Maybe if I get it out
I'll be rid of this depression.
I know that it's over
But I still dream of you.
I can see in your eyes
That you still feel it too.
It's breaking my heart slowly,
Not to be with you.
I just can't help it.
Please tell me it isn't really through.
I'm trying so hard to be without you.
But I just don't feel whole.
You were all my life.
My Heart, Mind, and Soul.
I know no matter what.
You'll be there til' the end.
But I don't think I can stand that.
I need you as more then just a friend.
I can't deal with this.
Not having you is making me insane.
I know that pain wont last forever,
But the scars will always remain.