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Wishing you well...

by J Lau

I got your mail.
I know my stance.
I need to distance,
To lessen your pain.
My presence reminds you
of memories you shared with him,
Which does not help you heal,
Your wounded heart and soul.

I feel your pain and sorrow,
More then you will ever know.
I worry about you,
But there's nothing more I can do.
How I wish I can go back in time,
And change everything til it's fine.

Somehow I wish that you will know,
That it was no less painful for me then you.
Fate maybe to blame,
In this ruthless game;
But casualties were not bound to two,
For I was there, right beside you.

I wish you happiness,
Should you be gone.
Far away from this lonely place,
Across the ocean where I will gaze.
How I wish that you will stay,
But wishing you well is all I pray.
When you come back healed and well,
Please don't forget this lonely heart,
Who wished you well
From the bottom of his heart.

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