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Briefcase of Love

by Bill Turner

My heart is full of love
A briefcase if you will
Going with me as I travel
Opening it throughout the day
Making people smile along the way

Those smiles refill my heart
Contributing to my reason for being
Touching my soul as I go
Deep inside is my special love
Guided and protected by the lord above

The special love in my heart is yours
Belonging to you and you alone
Craving your touch and desire
Sharing my life and love with you
Dreams and thoughts of us in all I do

Although I share my loving heart with all
I only share my love with you
Loving you with all my heart and soul
Wanting to be with you all my life
Making you happy and chasing away strife

Holding you in my arms
Making love throughout the night
Kissing and cuddling together
Seeing all the love in your eyes
Slipping between your thighs

I give you my heart
Asking you to hold my soul
Knowing that you are all I need
Where you sent to me an angel from above
Destined to give and receive all my love