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He and She

by Timothy r

He was a loner raised in the California sun
She was a stunner from Memphis, Tennessee
He longed for that special someone to love
She dreamed of Merchant/Ivory romance scenes

She fell in love with pictures of Greece
He never knew where he would wake up the next day
She saved her money in a miserly way
He always wanted to belong, to feel at peace

She worked a dead end job at the edge of town
He was thumbing his way across the states
She wanted to sail away unbound
He wanted to find an unforgettable name

He watched impatiently as cities flew... one by one
She booked her cruise by Internet reservation
He stopped off in St.Louis, prompted by a sign
She went to the beauty shop for a new hair style

He wanted to find his sea legs
She was a new woman with dreams to follow
He booked his cruise by telephone reservation
She could not wait to taste the salty sea

She confirmed her date as the 6th of July
He found new purpose in his stride
She bought a book about Greek myths
He could taste the ouzo on his lips

He only had a duffel bag to carry on
She gave the baggage man a 10 dollar bill
He tripped and fell over her suitcase
She could not hide the grin on her face

To be continued.....