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My dear hayley

by Neil

Oh My Dear Hayley,
How I Think Of You Daily.
How I Wish You Were Here,
Everyday of the Year,
Holding you in my Arms,
Guarding you from all the harms.
For Now I Can Only Dream,
From Here to The Extreme.

Oh, How I Yearn For You,
When I Smell the Morning Dew.
Oh, How I Need You,
When I'm down and blue.
Oh, How I Pray,
To Have You Everyday,
From Day Till Night,
Just To Hold You Tight.

As I Lie Awake,
I Think of You and Forget This Heartache.
Oh My Love For You,
Is Way Beyond What Anyone else can brew.
A Love That can't be sold,
A Price Much More Than Gold.
Had No One Before,
Now Yours Forever More.

I Love You so Much,
My One and Only Boo!