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The Dance

by Matthew

The Dance

I take a step forward and my heart beats faster
Thinking to myself, come on just ask her

I tap her on the shoulder, then freeze in a trance
I shake off the nerves, and ask her to the dance

She smiles at me with a sparkle in her eyes
She says, yes, of course and my heart just flies

I pull up to her house, Im excited as hell
I walk up the steps and I ring the doorbell

Her father answered with a disappointed grin
He stepped to the side and said, Please come in

She'll be down in minute, lets talk while we wait
If you hurt my baby girl, I won't hesitate

I have a shotgun; I'll kill you where you stand
So when dancing with my daughter, watch your damn hands

Her mom said she's ready, and I turned around
As she walked down the stairs, my jaw hit the ground

We pulled up to the dance, and headed inside
She went right to the dance floor, with me in stride

The music started playing, and I pulled her in
With her in my arms, our slow dance did begin

She looked so beautiful from her head to her feet
I nodded to DJ and he put it on repeat

We moved to beat and it felt so right
We danced to that song for the rest of the night

We pulled up to house, and I could still hear the song
We'd be dancing in my dreams to it, all night long

I took her by the hand and we walked to the door
Would you like to come in, we can hangout some more

From the upstairs window her father took a peek
I leaned in close and gently kissed her on the cheek

I held her tight and whispered in her ear
Thank you for the dance and goodnight my dear

When its someone you love, its so hard to part
But I drove home that night with song in my heart