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Never Forget

by Justin

There was that time I'll never forget
There was this new girl I just met.
I'll never forget when I saw her face,
beautiful, innocent, she made my heart race.
I fell head over heals
I never thought this feeling was real.
I never thought it was love at first sight.
I never thought it would reach this height.
I don't know what you do,
But I started to really fall for you.
As time flew by, I wanted to try
to ask you how you feel about you and I
You said you liked me but wasn't ready
But we can keep things slow and steady.
You gave me a chance, you looked real deep
Promised me something other girls couldn't keep.
You saw the real me, what I had to afford,
You saw what you liked, it had you like me more.
Being with you, always made me smile
I knew things would turn out good if I stayed awhile.
Hours turned to minutes, minutes turned to seconds,
Time flies by when we're together I reckon.
But now the experiences are memories now,
it ended in a blink of an
It left plenty of tears flowing from my eyes,
Wondering what I can do to have you mine.
I'll miss the way you were in my arms,
When I thought I could protect you from harm.
Maybe one day I'll again be with you,
and together once'll be us two