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Kissing the Rain

by Mezmeryz

I was miserable and paining
And waiting for you, for sure
Thinking now that you'll be coming
We'll be together like before

Without doubt, you came
But with a misunderstanding
Throwing on me, the blame
Of someone elses planning

You gave no time to explain
Just turned and walked away
Leaving me in this anguish again
Once more; feelings going astray

Now I'm standing here
Within all the sorrow
Wishing there were another
Life I could borrow

But even then I wonder
If you would still do the same
Leaving me in this weather
Making me endure all the shame

That I dont really deserve
But you want me to feel
Threatening the immortal love;
You've brutally tried to kill

Drops are now drenching me
So I'm kissing the rain
For all I could wish it to be
Your forgiveness washing away the pain