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Still Holding On

by Princess Love

There you are, holding her hand
I'm lost trying to understand
I treated you right, there's no doubt
Why did you go I can't figure out
You were my life, didn't you know
I gave up my dreams in loving you so

Didn't I love and cherish you right
When you were down, I held you tight
Why did you still have to go
You broke me in pieces
And left my world so cold

Now I'm all alone, there's nothing to do
It's lonely here without you
I stare at the photographs of us two
Think of the promises that fell through
Thoughts of you are all I have in my mind
How can my life be so unkind
What happened to the love I once had
Now I'm left with tears and regret

And here I am still holding on
Can't believe that my life is torn
Even though I try I can't let go
Something about you still captures my soul
No matter how far you will be gone
I will be here, still holding on