Read Love Poems


by Kiwi

Why is that I'm so In love with you?
Is it the way you seem to steal my heart?
Is it the way you make my heart skip a beat
Every time You tell me about how it's going to be?
Or the way my heart races as soon as
I hear those 3 simple words from your lips?
How is that you can make me smile when
All else fails?
Is it the way I can recognize your footsteps as you walk?
Is it that I feel so safe and secure in your arms
And yet scared at the same time?
My list of questions goes on..
But then I came to a conclusion
All these questions have one simple answer...
It's because your perfectly made
Just for me.
No matter the words that may fill my mind
No matter the past that we've had
God created you for me to love
And this love will last
You're not perfect in the eyes of the world
But in mine you're
I'm here to stay I ask you to do the same
Baby, I love you till the end of time
and now there's no more wondering