Read Love Poems


by ♥shyann♥

Why does god bless us with so much
just to take it all away,
why do words fly out of peoples mouth
if they don't mean what they say,

why do people make promises
only to let you down in the end,
why do people give you there love
just to leave you with a broken heart to mend,

why do the stars still shine
if wishes don't come true,
why does my heart still beat
if its no longer good enough for you

why does my face wear a smile
when all i want to do is cry,
why am i still living period
if were only waiting to die

why do memories replay in my mind
if it aint gonna change back time,
why does my heart choose to love you
if your no longer meant to be mine

why do i still see you in my dreams
if in reality your no longer with me,
why did we even meet in the first place
if we were never meant to be,

although i don't have the answers
the one thing i'll always know,
is no matter what life sends my way
your the reason i cant let go!!!