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I Love You

by xxkali_goddessxx

The first time i saw you,
I thought you were just another guy,
nothing special, just like the rest.
I took you for granted,
never realizing how great you are.
I let my guard down
and got to know you,
slowly over time I opened up.
I let your love embrace me,
you captured my soul,
and my heart's in your hands
I love you now
more than you could ever imagine.
I couldn't live without you,
so please don't let me go.
My soul would be gone,
my heart crushed.
your love would my lurking inside me,
unable to escape your embrace,
your kiss, your touch, your smell.
it'd be like a nightmare
that I could never wake up from.
I just want you to know ,
that I love you
and will always be here!