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A reason to live

by fauji

Life was never so beautiful,
Until I met you;
I would really be a fool,
Now to give you.

Above all world's wonder,
You are a gypsys' delight;
To stand in awe and stare,
Unable to believe in the marvelous sight.

You are the muse of a poet;
Song of a singer;
An invention of a scientist,
Or a portrait of a painter.

Cleopatra be a girl beautiful,
Helen of Troy be a lady attractive;
Gave love a name foul,
Or made the cities destructive.

The roses may have thorns,
The moon may have blemishes;
But you are without any scorn,
Or any pretense of transgress.

You are my sunshine,
Bundled with the morning joy you come;
Fill my heart with the love divine,
To stay with me till the eternity time.

When the sunlight breaks in,
I longs to see you;
When the moonlight creeps on,
I have dreams to sue.

Only for you my heart beat skips,
Or my body go for a turn;
Only your name will be on my lips,
Till lovers make our love's urn.

A smile of you make my day,
The reason I live is;
To love you everyday,
And only you always!