Read Love Poems


by Ashlee

Confused, upset I dont know what to do
I think of a lot of things, that deal with you
How do you keep me on your mind
Wishing everyday you were mine

We laugh, flirt , and kidaround
But when it comes down to it your always around
When I laugh, cry, or Im sad, or mad
You make me think of all we had

Now I wonder why I pushed you away
When in the long run you were there to stay
I never thought Id like someone like I do you
Even though all what we have been through

I hate to say it but imIm stuck on you
I cant help it I just love what you do
How you make me laugh and feel good
You make me feel like I always should

It dont matter where were at
I no you will always have my back
I dont worry bout what you mite say
Because I no how you feel anyway

Your always with me, always there
When Im with you theres no care
I think were a match made from above
I no this because its a thing called LOVE