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Our Paths Met.

by Steven Beesley

Our Paths Met:

Beginning life on two separate
roads, we knew nothing about
the life yet still ahead of us.
We started on this life long journey.

One day whilst traveling on our way,
our paths met and our lives
did change for all eternity.
Now we travel down the road together.

Not knowing how long the winding
route shall be or what is in store,
but with you by my side, we will
surmount the wind, the rain, the sleet or snow.

I know that however treacherous the journey
may be that you will be there beside me.
We have each other for support
and company in all good and bad weather.

We shall face and cross all the bridges
together and overcome all hardships along the way.
for I shall never be lonely on the perilous
journey because I have your love all the way...