Read Love Poems

What is Love?

by Emma

Love is a flower, waiting to bloom,
Love opens a door into a whole new room.
Love is a whole new world to enter,
Love is a circle with just us in the center.

Love is something you discover together,
Something to cherish, care for, and treasure.
Something you know will devour your heart,
And if its gone will tear you apart.

Love is something you must appreciate,
No matter if it comes early or late,
Love is a feeling you can't explain,
Love is is a feeling that's never in vain.

Love can mean fighting and multiple tears,
But love can mean conquering all of your fears.
Love can mean break-ups and make-ups too,
Love can make you do things you wouldn't normally do.

Love is a feeling that takes over your soul,
Love is the pull you need to get out of that hole.
A little bit of love can put a smile on your face,
At anytime, in any place.

So if you find love don't let it go,
Don't be afraid to let them know.
Tell them you love them will all of your might,
Tell them "I love you" everyday and night.