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Perfect Love

by Jennie

Every night I lie awake and,
Thank god for bringing you to me.
This love is special,
We were meant to be.

I wake up in the morning,
Just to see your face.
You greet me and hold me,
In a tight embrace.

I feel your heart racing,
When you pull me close.
My heart is beating louder,
Than you'll ever know.

When we talk on the phone,
And when we are alone,
You say the sweetest things,
That I've ever known.

You gently stroke my face,
Tenderly kiss my lips,
To feel you next to me is pure bliss.

I'll always love you,
And hold you tight,
Be there when it grows cold,
And you need to be held throughout the night.

When I look down and see your hand in mine,
A rush comes over me and,
I'm suddenly lost in time.