Read Love Poems


by Kaye

Valentine's is a day to show your love
And that is exactly what I want to do.
Just wanted to say how much you mean to me,
You're all my dreams come true.

I'm crazy about you boy,
You're everything to me.
My knight in shining armor,
Rescuing this princess-wanna-be.

You must have been heaven sent
Even if you don't believe it.
One of a kind and extra special,
You're different I gotta admit.

But that's what got my attention,
A simple warm smile,
A few words of encouragement,
Could keep me going for miles.

Yeah sure, you got your faults,
Then again everyone does.
But you make up for it,
Making it even less then it ever was.

Boy, I can honestly say
That I've fallen hard for you.
There's no mistaking it
My feelings for you are true.