Read Love Poems


by Edalia

Every time I see you,
A light begins to shine.
A soothing, eternal light,
That warms this heart of mine.

Before you came to me,
My life was dark and cold.
I was always wearing a mask,
That I constantly wanted to mold.

To others it seemed,
Like things were always fine.
Little did they know,
There was a thin line,
Between my reality,
And what was going on inside.

I wanted love to come to me,
Wash over me, like the tide.
When I thought all hope was lost,
And everything was going wrong,
You showed up in my life,
Loving, caring, and strong.

You brought me hope,
And made things feel right.
You never leave my mind.
Dreaming about \"my love,\"
All through the night.

You might think your importance to me,
Isn't all that great.
But, you brought love to me,
You, I could never hate.

You give me something that can't be replaced.
I promise to stand by you through thick and thin,
And love and cherish you always, no matter the case.