Read Love Poems


by ::bRITTANy::

Theres things in your eyes
i still cant see
like how the world seems to fade
just to feel you look at me

the way you make me laugh
when you try to resist
because i always ask you
for one more kiss

from the first time you kissed me
i cant describe how i felt
even now when you do
my heart still seems to melt

although it's only been a month
and a couple of days
it feels like forever
in so many ways

and in such short time
for me to feel the way i do
it scares me a little
because of how much i love you

but i now you love me
because it always seems to show
even though you may wonder
i honestly do know

but back to your eyes
and the things i cant see
like why in the world
you chose to be with me

and when I'm in your arms
i hope you never let me go
i want you mine forever
and i bet you didn't know

cause I've hated those words
"always and forever"
because most people know
you wont always be together

and although thats true
my "forever" is "now"
cause as long as your mine
I'll "always" know how

how much you really love me
and i knew it was true
but listen to my "forever"
cause "right now" i love you!

for *Tony* i love you baby!