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Longing for You

by Bill Turner

Deeper than the ocean blue
Stronger than the toughest steel
Runs my love for you
My heart and soul know it is real

Whisper of your voice in my ear
Comforting like the lines upon my face
Wanting you always to be near
Taking you to a wonderful place

Your warmth and love enveloping my soul
Holding me deep within your heart
Words, wisdom and love making me whole
Giving my life a fresh start

I have longed for you all my days
Your gift of love my greatest treasure
Despite my dark and wicked ways
I have your love for good measure

You have brought balance to my life
Given joy back to my daily living
Taken away my pain, eased my strife
To you all my love I am giving

Respect I shall always give
My love is yours to keep
Smile with your eyes and live
For our love runs soul deep